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About Me

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About Me

I started my journey in 2003 as A Candidate Attorney

With a diverse background in legal practice, I have cultivated a reputation as a highly skilled professional in the realms of legal advice, consulting, mediation, and international property law. My extensive experience enables me to offer comprehensive and reliable legal solutions to clients seeking guidance.

As a legal advisor, my proficiency in navigating intricate legal frameworks allows me to provide clear and insightful counsel. I am dedicated to helping clients understand complex legal matters and find effective resolutions.

Furthermore, my aptitude in legal consulting is a testament to my understanding of the intersection between law and business operations. By bridging this gap, I offer invaluable assistance in contract negotiations, compliance issues, and regulatory challenges. I possess a comprehensive grasp of the legal landscape and provide clients with strategic insights and solutions.

In the field of mediation, I have achieved significant success. Embracing alternative dispute resolution methods, I have facilitated numerous cases, guiding parties toward mutually beneficial agreements outside of the courtroom. My expertise in mediation enables me to foster productive dialogue and achieve amicable resolutions.

Overall, my professional journey has established me as a trusted resource for clients, who rely on my expertise in legal advice, consulting, mediation, and international property law. I remain committed to delivering exceptional service and helping clients navigate the complexities of the legal landscape, currently, I am practicing as an attorney in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.

My principles

My Principles comes to life through three core values


With over two decades of experience as an attorney, my expertise spans a wide range of legal matters. Throughout my extensive career, I have diligently served clients, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and honing my skills in various areas of law. From providing counsel in complex litigation cases to offering guidance in transactional matters, my experience allows me to approach legal challenges with a seasoned perspective. I am committed to utilizing my extensive background to provide clients with effective representation, tailored strategies, and reliable advice. With a deep understanding of the legal landscape, I strive to deliver optimal outcomes for those I serve.

Focus on you

My primary focus as an attorney is centered on understanding my clients' problems and providing them with effective solutions. By actively listening to their concerns, I gain insight into the unique challenges they face. This client-centered approach allows me to tailor my legal strategies and advice to address their specific needs and goals. Whether it involves resolving disputes, navigating complex legal processes, or providing guidance on important decisions, my aim is to empower my clients with the knowledge and support they need to overcome their legal obstacles. By keeping their best interests at the forefront, I strive to deliver satisfactory solutions and achieve positive outcomes for each client I serve.


My reputation as an attorney is built upon a track record of never disappointing my clients. I take great pride in consistently providing dedicated and effective legal representation that meets and exceeds their expectations. By placing a high value on client satisfaction, I prioritize open communication, attentiveness to their needs, and a commitment to achieving their desired outcomes. Through meticulous preparation, thorough research, and strategic advocacy, I strive to deliver results that instill confidence and trust in my clients. This steadfast dedication to their success has earned me a reputation for consistently meeting and surpassing their legal needs.


What Clients Say.

Edith Kent Client

I had Kelly on my legal team and could not have been happier. When I first met with Kelly, she explained the process and answered all of my questions.

Gregory Bennett Client

Kelly is an ethical, honest and knowledgeable attorney who goes the extra mile.

Mary-Anne Humphries Client

Kelly goes above and beyond for her clients, She is one of the best lawyers in Knysna, Western Cape.

Angela Bain Client

Kelly was super organized and kept me updated throughout the process, highly recommended in Knysna.

Some remembring Movements of life.